2014 Goals... Fitness, Blog, & Beyond

It's that TIME of year again... 2013 is coming to an end. While one chapter is closing another is about to begin and I am more excited that ever to DESIGN my life. It's been a CRAZY year... I set some goals I didn't meet and others I exceeded. It's definitely been a process and I have grown and learned how to "fail forward". The old me would have failed once and quit... but the new me keeps stepping forward even if it doesn't always work out as well as I planned.

I guess that's what happens when you start to really "evolve" your thinking, when you really start looking at your set backs as stepping stones rather than barricades. Don't get me wrong it isn't any less disappointing looking at it this way it just opens your objectivity. When you can look at your situation and ask yourself what can I improve rather than saying I can't do this... It's truly the difference between success and failure.

This is the time of year I like to look back at some of the things I have done and evaluate where I am and where I want to go. I'm not going to say I failed this year, but will say there are lots of things I can improve on! That being said I have some pretty big plans and goals for the next year and I'M going PUBLIC with them... and that honestly SCARES the crap out of me.

FIRST is me... I have gotten a little of track with my fitness and nutrition. I slipped back into some of those old habit and even gained a few pounds back. I'm DEFINITELY not proud of that! BUT... it helped me develop a NEW food and fitness workshop that will ENSURE amazing results, not just for myself but for everyone who joins me. My goal is to help as MANY people as I can reach their health and fitness goals! 2014 is ABOUT to get real!!!

My Blog... I am going back to basics and really focusing on my NEW health and fitness journey. I will post a weekly workout update in addition to a weekly post that is relevant to my page (food, family, fitness, etc.). There might be more some weeks but I am committed to at LEAST 2 a week!

So I guess it's time to just lay it all out there... here are my TOP 10 goals for 2014

  1. Stay Committed to my personal health and fitness journey
  2. Help as many PEOPLE as possible see their hidden potential 
  3. Develop a CORE group of successful leaders (10)
  4. Convert my Family to Clean eating
  5. Take a Major Family vacation
  6. NEW team training (<--- TOP SECRET!!)
  7. Advance to 5 star Diamond coach
  8. NEW interesting planners for all areas of life
  9. Improved Blog, Facebook page, & Pinterest
  10. Buy a house and/or property 
There it is... a LOOK at some of my TOP goals for the new year! I'm pretty EXCITED to get things kicked off! If your interested in my team and more details stay tuned! 


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