Getting My Body Back

2014 is going to be the year I make some serious changes. When they say the journey to health and fitness is a marathon not a sprint, they aren't kidding! The last two years have been a ROLLER coaster of emotions. I have made great progress, as well as had numerous setbacks... but I have come to the realization that it's going to take me awhile to undo over 20 years of bad habits and ditch the meal skipper mentality.

I read in a book once, "the right things are easy to do and they are easy not to do" and I have found it to be one of those slap you in the face truths. We all (DEEP down) know that getting fit is a combination of nutrition and fitness. These facts are undeniable yet we don't do the easy things we know we should...  it can totally be one of those slippery slopes. It's easy to stay motivated for a couple weeks, maybe even a month... but how do you make that last all year?

I relaxed a little this past year and slipped back into so old habits. I'm not proud of that but it happened and I all can do now is get back on the wagon and navigate to the path. It's easy to make excuses, to not be able to find time, and to put things off... but I'll do it tomorrow NEVER comes. It's the procrastinators cycle of "nothing ever changes". This year I want to approach things a little different.

As much as I love insanity it's a pretty extreme workout, something you can't really (I wouldn't advise anyway) do all year round. So I decided to test out Focus T25. I actually purchased it when it was first released but it's just been sitting on the shelf. NO more... it's been dusted off and I am officially entering the SECOND week! It's been a struggle getting back on track with my fitness and nutrition so this has been a great program to get me back into my groove.

So what do I honestly think of Focus T25 and how does it compare to Insanity? Well let me start out by noting the obvious difference. TIME... that's the big one! T25 is 30 minutes or less whereas Insanity workouts range from 40 minutes to over an hour. BUT the workout itself feels quite different. There are definitely some Insanity like elements but this is a whole new program. Instead of being sets of sports drills T25 tends to be a little more choreographed but not as choreographed as Turbo fire. Unlike Insanity where you start with a warm up, do a stretch, hit your workout, and then cool down, Focus T25 you just go everything is wrapped up into the workout and in true Shaun T fashion you work up quite the sweat for just 30 minutes of working out.

SO far I really like the program. There are excellent modifiers for people who are just starting out and you can really push yourself without feeling as though you are about to die... don't get me wrong, it's still tough but I think it's a lot more of a "do-able" program for a majority of people than Insanity is!

Here is a little PEEK at my FIRST week! I am going to start doing a weekly Vlog to keep me accountable this year! I stink on video and this is definitely something that is outside my comfort zone so PLEASE bare with me hahaha

I may cut this program a little short though... there is a new program being released called the 21 day FIX that really seems interesting. It places equal importance on working out and eating right! Portion control is going to be the emphasis and that is exactly what I need. I feel like nutrition is my BIGGEST struggle. When to eat and how much... it's easy to over eat healthy food too! Don't get me started on fruit hahaha... But anyways, fitness competitors, especially national-level bikini competitors, have fascinated me. What do they eat? What workouts do they do? Could I do it? and that's exactly why I am excited to check out this new program from Autumn Calabrese!!

Stay tuned for more details!


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