The ORIGINAL 21 Day Fix Planner

FEAST your eyes upon the ORIGINAL 21 day fix planner! I originally created this bad boy right when the FIX first released. I was (and am) a HUGE fan of this program and LOVED sharing these tools with my challengers! They became SO popular... I had to share them with the world!

(shhhhhhh.... there is a NEW fix planner in the works!)

Your 21 day FIX KIT includes:
  • Challenge workbook: This is an interactive (editable) workbook. It's your getting started right guide that outlines what this program is, your activity, GOALS, results and MORE! 
  • Meal Tracker: This is an edit-able pdf that allows you to check off your containers and track your meals, there is even a place to record what you ate for each meal! 
  • Shopping List: Plan your supermarket attach with this editable grocery list! 
  • Workout Calendar: This edit-able calendar will not only allow you to check off your day with a bright red "X" (WHO doesn't LOVE that???). BUT it will also allow you to change the day's of the week based on your day one!! After all why WAIT for a Monday?!?
  • Measurement Tracker: This will track your overall progress from day ONE to day 21 (ALSO an editable file)! It will easily allow you to not only track your progress for your FIRST round, it will allow you to track your progress from EVERY round! Just enter the DATE and your stating/ending measurements! Keep a running track record of your success and share screen shots with friends and family!! 
  • Container CHEAT sheet: This bad boy is printed out and taped to my fridge! No more thumbing through pages, have a complete LIST of the container items RIGHT in your daily line of sight! Definitely HANDY! 
This kit can ALSO be used by coaches within their challenge groups! 

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    *Please note:  Coaches CAN use this for Challenge group files but they are not permitted to sell, alter, or display them on their website or social media. 


    1. Thank you! I just purchased your 21 day fix worksheets!

    2. I just purchased your kit. I think the container cheat sheet is going to be super helpful. Thanks!

    3. Hi purchased your program on sept 19th and still have received it! Thanks

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    4. I just ordered this today, but I didnt get it yet, I figured once I paid for it, it would be immediate access to download the sheets.

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