Summer SIZZLE Sale 2014 <---Get FIT & SAVE!

It's that time of YEAR again... SUMMER vacation is upon us and what better way to celebrate that then to make a commitment to get FIT! We have some "sizzling HOT summer SAVINGS" that will help you sculpt your body all while saving some SERIOUS cash!

GRAB your PROGRAM today in get in my EXCLUSIVE challenge group! #theCHALLENGE

June PROMOS (valid for the entire MONTH): 
Shaun T’s ready to help you perfect that summer Beach Body!  Both discounted challenge packs for June, include one of two programs designed by Shaun T and the healthiest meal of the day, Shakeology! Your choice, Insanity or the Shaun T Dance Pack!

Insanity Challenge Pack
Shaun T's Dance Pack 

SUMMER Sizzle SALE: June 4th 12 pm PST -June 9th 12 pm PST

P90X® DVD Package Special Offer
P90X en español Special Offer
P90X2® DVD Package Special Offer
LES MILLS PUMP DVD Package Special Offer
LES MILLS COMBAT DVD Package Special Offer
ChaLEAN Extreme® DVD Package Special Offer
Slim in 6® DVD Package Special Offer
Tai Cheng® DVD Package Special Offer
Hip Hop Abs® Dance Party Series -Rockin' Abs/Hard Body DVD Special Offer
Barbell Weights Special Offer
LES MILLS COMBAT Gloves Special Offer
P90X Chin-Up Bar Special Offer
Stability Ball + Medicine Ball Combo Pack Special Offer
Foam Roller Special Offer
New Apparel

^^^^^^Links above may go active slowly so please be patient and keep checking! There are limited quantities and some items are expected to sell out FAST!


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