Shakeology RECIPE book

One OF my favorite topics to talk about is Shakeology even though it's not something I share about often, it's on my daily HAVE to have list. SO... I figured today would be the perfect time to not only talk about it but also SHARE a little recipe book I put together! I'm not going to BORE you with the details, ingredients, or benefits (you can click on the flavor glasses on the bottom of my blog to see ingredient lists and details). Instead I'm just going to tell you why I love it, share a few tips, and give you my little recipe book!!

When I started eating clean and working out I was introduced to protein shakes and I fell in LOVE. Protein ended up being my secret SLIMMING weapon rather than the "BULKER" I thought it would be.. the only downside was the more I learned about ingredients and eating clean the more I started looking into the products that I was using. What I began to find is that most protein powders use artificial ingredients and include additive I just don't feel comfortable consuming. That's when I really began looking into shakeology. I had heard of it but this GIRL is cheap so it took me quite awhile to try it, plus I had to research it to DEATH first hahaha. I bought my first bag a OVER two years ago and haven't looked back and here's why:
  • I'm LAZY, sometimes I just need something I can grab on the run that isn't a poptart or donuts!
  • It fills me up, curbs my cravings, gives me energy, and it's super MIXABLE
  • It's made from whole food ingredients, so it fits into my meal planning. 
Initially I won't lie to you I HATED it. As I forced down my first glass a little voice in my head screamed "NO". Chocolate wheatgrass are the two words that best describe that experience. I wondered how so many people could say this tasted like a chocolate shake. I knew chocolate shakes, I loved them... hahaha, and this just wasn't one of them. Instead of giving up on it I decided to find my MIX and that was the defining moment that changed the taste of my shake. 

It's ALL about the MIXOLOGY
  1. GET your LIQUIDS: The recipe calls for 8oz of liquid... I prefer 12 oz (half unsweetened vanilla almond milk & half water). If you follow the recipe for your first shake and thought it was "thick" try adding more liquid. 
  2. CREAMIER Coffee Blends: If you are trying a Coffee mix and want it creamier try half cold coffee half unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  3. Grab a PERSONAL blender: Blending it with a handful or two of ice can totally enhance the flavor. 
  4. THIN out a thick SHAKE: When blending save a little liquid till the very end... BLEND your mix, most of the liquid, ice, and any other ingredients until smooth. It should be pretty think so open it up add the rest of your liquid and blend for just a few seconds (to get it mixed in). 
  5. Get FRUITY: You can add fresh or FROZEN fruit to the mix to instantly change your FLAVOR
  6. VEGG out: I add spinach to my Chocolate shake all the time and it's AMAZING! 
  7. Just ADD NUTS: You can add nuts, seeds, even oats... just make sure it is WELL blended first haha.
  8. Make is SWEET: Honey is a great addition to any shake to make it just a little sweeter! Limit it to 2 teaspoons or less a day! You could also use stevia or just fruit!
  9. GET a SHAKER cup: Blender bottle is GREAT! They even have them now with little cups attached so you can portion out your powder, fill your cup with water, toss in your bag and GO! You never know when you'll need a boost and it's better to be prepared!
  10. GIVE IT 30: This product has a guarantee for a reason, use it CONSISTENTLY and if your not in love send it back no questions asked! Chances are you just need to find your MIX!
As always contact me if you would like to chat more one on one about Shakeology and what it can do for you or if you are looking for a FREE coach. I have an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for my team where I share all my planning tools & guides.

Feel free to link back to this post, share the link, or pin the image.... Please do not download my file and host it on your blog, website, or page unless you are a coach on my team!... remember SHARING is caring!


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