PIYO Fix <---HYBRID Schedule

One of my ALL time favorite programs right now is 21 Day Fix! Insanity will always be my first love, but there is just something about the FIX that "calls" to me. I'm not going to lie... the fact that all the workouts are around 30 minutes makes it JUST a little more "LOVABLE" haha. When Shaun T does a 30 minute Insanity (NO I am not talking about T25... that's just too "Turbo Fire" for me!) then my mind might change. BUT for now... this is my FAVORITE program! (I will be working a hybrid for Insanity and the FIX too!!)

Recently I purchased PIYO and it has just sat on my self... I don't see myself as that yoga or Pilates girl so I decided I will be combining it with the 21 day fix. I found a website that allows us customize multiple Team Beachbody programs at Workout Scheduler and made a”Total Body” hybrid schedule <--but I didn't care for the way it looked or the fact it didn't incorporate all the workouts each program had to offer. So I looked around seen what a few other people were doing, PEEKED at some official Beachbody schedule downloads and create this BAD boy...

But WHY combine two programs?

The 21 Day Fix is my “soul mate” workout. I’m telling you I LOVE this program. It’s 30 minutes a day with the perfect mix of cardio and weight training <---AND I feel it. I tend to judge my workouts on a "soreness" scale (lets just say Insanity ruined most programs for me... OUCH!), but I love the fact that 21 Day fix is a little bit of everything... even the yoga and Pilates which I tend to skip hahaha! PLUS the nutrition plan is incredible <---CLEAN eating SIMPLIFIED!! I will use this meal plan with EVERY program I do from here on out...

PiYo on the other hand is a mix of Pilates and Yoga so it is giving me the MUCH NEEDED flexibility and stretching that my muscles need! <---Some of my friends and clients are ADDICTED to this program, so it's time to really check it out!

The combination of these two programs will give me the weight training, strength training, cardio, and flexibility for injury prevention. Here is the 8 week schedule I will be using (Dropbox, GOOGLE docs, or Direct DOWNLOAD via Dropbox). Let me know what you think! Leave a comment, like my page, tag me in a post, or JOIN me in this schedule on MONDAY!! 

THIS IS NOT an official Beachbody Schedule, just something I put together! Enjoy..... Contact me to join my team for free! FELLOW coaches... SHARING is caring, so feel free to share my link :D 


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