COACH Tip: "Coach Tracker" PDF

I know you LOVED my 30 day activity tracker, so I wanted to share ANOTHER one of my FAVORITE business tools. I am telling you, my planner OCD runs deep and it's something I feel has been a GAME changer for my business. I mean is there any better way to PHYSICALLY see where you are than to look at it written out in front of you? I don't know about you but I ignore apps and notes, These pages however... you can't ignore the writing... or LACK of.

This little guy RIGHT here is my TEAM list. It's an editable pdf (before you ask: No you can not change the colors or FONT. Editable just means you can input data into the fields right from your PDF viewer)... I can list my Coaches and update their current status. I can even start a sheet for one of my coaches to also track their team. It helps you avoid any surprises Thursday morning if you know what I mean!!

So what are the letters for? Rank/Activity silly... Here is where you track where your team is within their businesses.

  • D-Diamond
  • R-Ruby
  • E-Emerald
  • A-Active

CLICK here for the DIRECT Download or DOWNLOAD from DROPBOX

You are FREE to use this for your business and share with your team but please do not alter or host the file on your blog/website/or other file sharing sites.

I would to hear what you think! Leave a COMMENT below :D

IF you are NOT yet a coach I would love to talk to you about what this business is all about, my custom training/team files, and my all new 14 day coach apprentice program!


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comment below to let me know what you think!