2016 (and BEYOND) Coach Yearly Business Planner

*****this says 2015 below, but the file has been updated to include 2016's set up as well as a few additional pages!*****

I have said it before and I will say it ONE more time.... "I have planner OCD". Design is always an issues but so is functionality. While my other PLANNERS also ROCK, I personally think this is the MOST functional and APPEALING. ----Here as the SAME listing on Etsy.

BEFORE I get into what the file includes, PLEASE NOTE the following: 
1. This file is AUTOMATICALLY sent to the email address associated with your paypal account. SO the email you log into your paypal account is the one where the tile will be sent. My files are automated so EVEN if you put a note on the payment I may not catch it. 
2. If you see a black box or font is not registering you need to update your PDF viewer. 
3. This is a ZIP file... meaning the folder needs to be unzipped before you can view the contents. Depending on what computer you have you can easily find out how to do this via google. NOTE you do NOT need additional software.
4. This is a printable file. NO ITEM WILL ship. You can print this on your own or send it to staples and have it printed for you. These pages are set up to be printed single or back to back and there is plenty of room to have it bound or to just hole punch it for your binder.
5. Contact me on FB with questions! 

HOW this FILE is set UP and what you GET:
1. Complete 12 Month PDF (Pages= 213)
2. Individual Monthly files (Each Month=17 pages)
3. Single Pages (<---THESE bad boys can be used BEYOND 2015!!!) 9 pages
4. Monthly PNG logo files + COVER LOGO

Monthly Cover: 1 page

Important Numbers: 1 page
Coach List: 1 page

Monthly Calendar: (2 pages)
This is a TWO page format with plenty of room to schedule each and everyday. When are you going to be working out? What time are you going to be working on your business? When are you starting challenge groups? Do you have calls, meetings, or scheduled personal events? This calendar will help organize your entire month. 

Monthly Goals & Notes: (2 pages)
Each month no matter how fast or slow your want to build your business, you need to be setting goals and this is the place to do just that! You can set up to eight goals per section. Sections include: Business, Fitness, Social Media, and Other in addition to a "notes" section on page 2. 

Activity tracker Day Activity Tracker:  (2 pages)
This is my new and improved activity tracker that is pre-loaded with your MOST important daily to do's! 

Daily To Do's
1. Workout
2. Drink Shakeology
3. Personal Development
4. Check-in with challenge groups
5. Check back office
6. Return Messages Emails
7. 2-5 new contacts
8. 2-5 invites
9. 2-5 follow ups
10. Re-connect with 2-5 people from your friends list

Facebook: There is a section for both personal and page. I like to plan my topics or posts and schedule them for atleast a day in advance. This will free up a LOT of time for your daily to do list. On a personal profile you can use Hootsuite or Sendible, but on pages you can shedule it right through the clock tool on your page posts. 

Post Topic Examples:
1. Motivational Image/text/quote
2. Healthy Recipe/Nutrition tip
3. ME (workout, food, kids, etc)
4. Funny/DIY/Idea
5. Coach/Challenge/Team shoutout
6. Call to Action

Once you have a general idea of what you plan on posting you will find it easier to schedule your posts in advance. You don't have to stick with your list, feel free to add in live posts or change things up. Scheduling will just help build your post consistency and free up time to find, invite, & manage your groups. 

Group Check-in: This reminds you to check in with your team groups. 

Social Media: If you are rocking MORE than one network, OR want to start... you can track your activity here. Did you post to Instagram today? What about pinterest, blogger, or twitter?

Social Media Time Manager: (2 Pages)
HERE is where you really see what you are doing. Let's face it... this business is all about networking but it's easy to get caught in a time suck. Have you ever got on pinterest looking for one thing and two hours and 100 pins later you still haven't gotten anything done The key to this business is managing your time. By tracking how much time you are spending on each network you can focus on being productive and not busy. 

Group Planner: (2 Pages)
The group planner allows you to plan up to 6 challenge groups each month. Note the group name & details, date, planned posts dates, and confirmed challengers. This allows you to track all of your groups, manage your challengers, and plan your social media posts. 

Invitation Tracker: (2 Pages)
To really build your coaching business you need to be inviting 2-5 people each day. This section allows you to see who you are inviting to what. Are they a challenge or coach prospect? Maybe they are just looking for some additional support... There are also 3 places to note or schedule follow up dates! 

Contact list: (2 pages)
The contact list is similar to the the invitation tracker. Your goal as a coach is to make NEW connections each day. Note name, date, network, friends status, form, invite, follow up, and results. Remember no doesn't always mean no... sometimes it means "not right now"! This is a great list to revisit when you are looking to invite. 

Notes: 1 page
You can never have too many notes pages RIGHT?

This planner includes December 2014- December 2016. As I posted before this file is set up for multiple printing needs. You can print the whole continuous file, each month as you need them, OR use the single page templates WELL after 2015! I designed this to be functional for BOTH new coaches and seasoned pro's. It will track everything you need to do each month with ease. The best part is you will have everything written in to keep following up with your invites and contacts well after the month has passed! 

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Additional Details: 
  • Once your payment has cleared a file download link will automatically be sent directly to your inbox. This is the email address associated with your paypal account (generally the one you use to log in with). If you are unable to find the the email to download or you have any other problems feel free to contact me by email MelissaMorris@CoachMMorris.com OR on Facebook
  • Once purchased, these pages can be printed over and over on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. 
  • These files are sent electronically in a zip file. You will need to "unzip" the folder to view the files. This will not require any additional software unless you are downloading onto a smart devise. In that case you will an app that extracts/unzips folders. All computers come standard with the capability of doing this. 
  • Please make sure your PDF reader is up to date before viewing/printing to ensure no loss of quality, font distortion, or other visual issues. 
  • This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. To Insanity And Back retains all rights.
  •  Check the FAQ for more questions and answers. 
  • Due to the personalized nature of my products, I am unable to offer refunds or accept returns. Digital items are not tangible items that can be sent back to me, so please make sure to read the listing details to make sure that what you're ordering is right for you. That being said if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please contact me. I will be happy to work with you resolving any issues. 


  1. Do you have this planner you created for the 2016 year?

    1. YES! I have the updated version on Etsy that includes 2016, here is the link https://www.etsy.com/listing/213549730/2016-complete-coach-business-planner?ref=shop_home_active_11

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