Here comes the REAL INSANITY

Well my friends this year has already sent me on one CRAZY ride. It's given me an opportunity to really step back and see where I really want to go and all the things that are truly important. To say change smacked me in the face is an understatement, but that tends to be how these things happen. You have to kinda get lost to realize which direction you need to go.

One of the first changes I have to make is my blog. I don't want to have just another coach blog. I'm passionate about my programs but I also want to focus on other areas I am passionate about: Food, Family, Fitness, and PLANNERS (<---OF course lol).

I'm going to be making LOTS of changes over the next week. Posts will need to be reworked, NEW content will be added, the navigation will not be totally functional, but I will be working out all the kinks! Make sure you check back and stay tuned for all the INSANITY that is yet to come!


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