Create a PLAN

Are you ready to CREATE your plan! Getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be complicated if you're willing to develop a plan. One of the biggest things I have learned in my personal fitness journey is there can be CRAZY power behind having a plan. The simple act of writing out your intentions can be a driving force and that is what I want to teach you to do.

There are tons of different ways you can create your plan: apps, notebooks, planners, journals, etc. Just find the one that works the best for you, and by that I mean something you will actually use that can be seen daily OR use the template below! READY to get started?

Creating YOUR plan:

  • Plan your Meals for the week
    • Plan 5-6 Meals a day
    • Stick with clean whole foods
    • Don't over-complicate your menu, start simple
  • Plan your workouts
    • 30 Minutes or More
    • 5-6 times per week
  • Plan your daily water goal
    • Half your body weight in ounces
    • OR # of glasses daily to hit your ounce goal

GRAB your PDF Calendar HERE

Putting your plan into ACTION
More often than not the hardest part of any plan is actually showing up. Especially when it comes to working out and eating right! We have a billion excuses why not to do something, but a simple way to stay committed and turn your new routine into a no-brainer habit is to schedule them in. Research suggests it can take as little as 18 days (but an average of 66 days for most!) to form a new habit, and penciling in workouts, meals, and water ahead of time (like an important meeting or a friend’s birthday) is just one way to get your butt into gear — for the long-haul.

Your Action Plan
Ready to get to work? Check out some tips below on putting your plan into action.
  • GRAB your gadget- You can always use a traditional pen and paper planner but it's also a great idea to create a Google Calendar or set a Blackberry reminder. Scheduling workouts and meals on a smart phone (or favorite device) is a great way to keep them in check anywhere you go. Need an app for that? Try one of these to-do list applications to make committing even easier. Or print out your weekly plan above and put it on your fridge.
  • Use workout time wisely- When the goal is making workouts consistent, even a shorter-than-usual gym session is better than none. So if you’re short on time, go for quality, not quantity. Try circuit training or intervals to get that heart rate pumping without running against the clock.
  • Break up your workouts- When life gets hectic, setting aside a solid chunk of time to work up a sweat can be tough. One solution: Try scheduling in shorter, 10-15 minute workout sessions throughout the day to get the same benefits as a single workout.
  • Be accountable- Sign up for a dance class, book a training session, buy a workout program, eat clean with a buddy, or meet up with a friend for a run. It’s harder to ditch your plan when your invested and have someone waiting. Bonus: Quality time with pals will make the time go by even faster. Still missing more workouts than planned? Try GymPact, an app that charges when you bail on the gym (and lets you earn cash every time you meet your pact!), or TheCHALLENGE a 30-day group to help you make (or break) a habit.
  • Be realistic- Hit the snooze button five times each morning? It’s unlikely an early AM fitness routine will last longer than a few days. The most important part of figuring out when to work out is to find a time that's convenient for you. Food is the same way. Don't complicate your plan with 5 star chef clean eating recipes you won't have time to prepare. 
  • Add VARIETY to your workout- Programs are great for starting a routine, but even the most exciting workouts can start feeling stale — and easier to skip after awhile. Whatever those goals or interests, try designating different days for different workouts (like a kick-butt cardio on Mondays, strength training on Wednesdays, and some time-to-unwind weekend yoga).
  • Stay flexible- Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Deadlines at work, family obligations, and travel plans can all get in the way of the best planned schedule. Don’t beat yourself up about missing a workout or eating out. Instead, focus on eating well, stretching, or making whatever healthier choices are possible until you can get back into the groove and jump into the next scheduled routine ASAP.
  • Have fun (seriously)- No surprise here: The more fun your meals and workouts, the more likely we’ll keep at it. Hate cycling? Don’t force yourself to sit through a spin class. BUT... Give activities and healthy food a fair shot before writing them off for good.
  • Set a goal to NOT break the chain"X" off items on your plan as you complete them and strive to COMPLETE the chain for the week. Your goal here is to have no broken links and successfully complete your plan. By doing this each week you will be planning your success!
  • Don't EXPECT instant results- No matter how amazing your plan is, getting fit and healthy takes time. This plan is your road map, but you have to keep driving! Give it more than a week, give it a month or THREE months and then judge the results. Just remember you have to show up and put in the work!

Working out and eating right can be hard, it’s true. But carving out time in the calendar for some fun, effective, and totally tailor-made “you” time can Help you create an AMAZING habit that can change your life.

What are your favorite ways to stick to a workout  or nutrition schedule? Tell me in the comments below!


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