Level THREE Exercise Plan

Are you ready for LEVEL three?
If you have completed level ONE and level TWO you are officially ready to hit the LAST phase. We are talking about level three. This level will push you to give as MUCH as you can, You will want to quit, but I want you to keep going! You have been rocking your routine but it's time to DIG DEEPER! 

SNAG the printable calendar download at the bottom or pin the workout to your fitness board.

*Complete Level one and level TWO first
*Don't skip rest days
*STAY hydrated
*Use this program in conjunction with a healthy diet
*Please remember to consult your physician before starting


  1. Hello. :) I was just wondering what you would suggest for workouts once this third level has been finished. Thanks!

  2. For the beginner, bodyweight exercise is the logical place to start... because most beginners are actually going from a state of complete inactivity to a state of activity.

  3. First of all, this exercise is isometric, meaning that it requires no movement of the joints and isn't measure by the amount of reps you can do, but by how long you can hold the position. Winsol

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