Life Planner Motivational Section Covers

The concept of "Life" planning has become quite an obsession of mine! The idea of having one binder to house EVERYTHING fills every OCD planning dream I have ever had.

My new life planner series is basically a coordinating set (it also matches the 2015 Coach Business Planner). I will be adding sets to this series as I get them created. So far I have:

  1. Life Planner: Agenda (etsy)
  2. Life Planner: Budget (Link Coming TODAY)

This post is going to have free fun covers you can incorporate into your planners, or use them with your current planner to change things up. (Click each one to download)

  • Life Planner Cover (this would be the cover of your journal/binder)
  • Agenda Cover (this would replace your monthly cover if you have the Life Planner Agenda)
  • Budget Cover (This would be the cover to your budgeting section)

More FUN covers will be added to this post so keep checking back!! Let me know what you think about planning in the comments below. 

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