7 Thing you need to know BEFORE becoming a coach

So your ready to take the plunge and become a coach?! OR maybe your just wondering if this is the right move for you?? As a coach I want you to make the decision possible for you, your goals, and your need. Signing up can be a big decision and it's something I don't want you to take lightly.

I remember when I first made the decision and it was something that changed my life, and can also change yours!

Before you sign up there are a few things you should know:

1. Coaching is NOT a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”
If you are looking to make big bucks, or fast cash overnight, this probably isn't going to be the right fit for you! You might as well save your $39.95 (sign up cost) and keep looking for the right opportunity for you... Because coaching will be a big fat waste of your time. It's NOT because you cannot end up making big bucks (you DEFINITELY CAN) it's because in THIS business the people that become successful are those that have a genuine desire to change their lives and help others. They work to build their business and develop a personal approach. Your income will ALWAYS be a direct reflection of the number of lives you help change!

2. Get to know your SPONSOR
Make sure the coach you are signing up with (your "upline"/sponsoring Coach) will be there to support you in your business. You need a sponsor who can answer questions, guide you, and help you get started the right way. Not all coaches and teams are the same so take time to reach out to your current coach and ask some questions about the business, get a feel for how they approach new coaches, or training programs that they offer. You want to make sure you have a connection because once you sign up you will not be able to change teams.
  • {SIDE NOTE: If you have ever purchased a beachbody program or product you were likely assigned a coach. You can find your coach when you log into your www.Teambeachbody.com account. If you were assigned a coach that you can't contact, or are not longer in contact with your coach you can make a "coach change" to a person of your choice before you sign up. Just contact your desired coach for details}
3. You Don't HAVE to build a business
Not everyone will want to build a business, in fact some people coach just for the discount (there's nothing wrong with that). It just all depends on they type business YOU want to run. There are essentially 3 types of coaches:

  • Discount Coaches- These are people who love the programs and products and they sign up just to take advantage of the 25% discount.
  • Hobby Coaches- These are coaches who sign up because they love the programs, products, discounts, and running a business in their spare time for fun.
  • Business Coaches- These are coaches that sign up because they love everything but they also are taking advantage of the training/tools and are working to build a successful at home business. 

4. You DON'T have to be already "Transformed"
You don't already have to have a major transformation. So many times I talk to people who are interested in coaching but they mention they want to wait until they are at their "goal body" because they doubt they would succeed without a major transformation under their belts. The truth is people connect to people on a mission, people working on themselves, and people making positive changes/choices in their lives. Your willingness to share your story, secrets, and journey will inspire them to change. You want them to think, “Well, if SHE can.... So can I!”... NOT “Well, she is perfect... so, of course she succeeded!”.  You know those transformations that inspire you? YOU are that person who is creating your story, committed to changing their lives for the better, and inspiring the world around them! Pretty soon EVERYONE around you will want to know YOUR SECRET. The Question is: Are you willing to let down your guard and share?

5. You have to be the PRODUCT
Being a coach isn't about selling programs and products, it's about changing lives with the products you use. Meaning if you're planning on building a successful business OR transformation you will need to use what you are selling. People don't buy products from salesman, they buy things that have gotten results for friends. Think about it like this; if your your not even using what you are selling why should anyone else? Why should they join one of your challenge groups? AND why should they trust you as a coach?

6. Be a STUDENT first... willing to learn
Starting out coaching is just like college... You go through the learning process (not making money) all the while KNOWING it will be WORTH IT in the end when you graduate and land the career of your dreams. Only difference here is that college could put you THOUSANDS of dollars in DEBT with no guarantee of a job... but with Beachbody you can actually MAKE MONEY while learning the ins and outs of your trade. IMAGINE if you spent FOUR FOCUSED YEARS, the way people do in college, on BEACHBODY!!! You would likely be earning more than most DOCTORS by the time you “graduated” with no debt to speak of! My point is... If you want to truly be successful, you have to take the time to learn the business, go through the training, and develop your OWN personal approach.

7. Success doesn't MAGICALLY happen
"YOUR THE BOSS" and you're gonna have to work. When you become a coach you don’t the work for BEACHBODY... You work for YOURSELF! Which means you will be the driving force force behind your business. You won't have deadlines, or a boss telling when to work, WHERE to work, or setting your salary. YOU DO all that! Sounds pretty incredible RIGHT? It totally is, but remember as the boss the buck stops with you. You alone are solely responsible for building your business, setting business hours, and taking the necessary action to succeed. If you don't work the business, this business will not work for you. You have to be willing to learn to manage your time effectively, stay consistent, be self-motivated and most of all, self-disciplined.

I hope this gave you a better idea of whether or not coaching is right for you and your goals, it is truly not meant for everyone... but when it lands in the lap of the right person... MAGIC HAPPENS and DREAMS COME TRUE!

When and If you are ready to take the next step... I would love to lock arms with you and be your Coaching “professor” of sorts to show you why I love this business so very much and why I think you just may too! When you become a coach on my team... Your dreams become MY dreams... and THIS dreamer is most certainly a DOER!


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