Clean Eating PB Banana Breakfast Sandwich

Do you want to stock up on mommy points? Check out this AMAZING healthy breakfast you can whip together somewhat effortlessly to wow your family at breakfast time... Grilled peanut-butter cinnamon banana sandwich topped with greek yogurt, warmed raspberries and some blueberries

No need to even post a recipe it's that simple...

Add your peanut butter, sliced bananas, and cinnamon (to taste) to your bread. You can use ezekial bread, whole grain bread, or even whole grain English muffins and sandwich thins. GRILL and top with a dab of greek yogurt, warmed raspberries, and a few blue berries! If you want to get that french toast feel for the little ones you can lightly drizzle a little pure maple syrup OR honey on the top!


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