30 Day Fitness Workshop

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The CHALLENGE is finally HERE! This 30 day fitness workshop will help you break the barriers that have held you back in the past. I'm talking about ditching the diets, forgetting the fads, and no longer wasting our hard earned money on the gimmicks. This isn't just another quick fix and I'm not going to tell you to buy hundreds of dollars in products. Instead this workshop is a lifestyle change that emphasizes on creating a plan as individual as you are! There is no one size fits all fitness solution because every body is different. Getting fit is more than workout programs, expensive shakes, and gym memberships. It's about finding your personal balance and that's what the challenge will teach you.

In the Challenge we will cover a wide range of topics from whole food nutrition and fitness, to planning and prepping your success even if you are on a budget. Whether you are looking to lose that last 10 pounds, tone up, or you have some serious weight to lose this workshop will help you clean up your diet, set goals, take action, and create a plan that will ensure your success!

What is "The Challenge"? 
"The Challenge" is a private online Facebook Group used for support, encouragement, and motivation to help you stay on the right track everyday all while supplying you with the tools you will need to be successful. You commit to eating healthy, working out, and staying accountable for 30 days. A new group starts each month.

What can I expect from a group?
When you join one of my monthly Groups, you get access to the wealth of exclusive tools and a boutique fitness challenge experience designed to get you the BEST possible results. I promise you have never worked out like this before, and you might not be able to live without it. All of my Challengers receive:
  • A one on one consultation of your goals & plan
  • Access to our exclusive monthly group
  • Daily: support, accountability check-ins, tips, and more
  • Effective and short workout options to choose from OR you can use a workout program of your choice
  • A simple nutrition guide, sample meal plans, and recipe e-book
  • A custom challenge guide & journal
  • Recipe sharing and meal-planning tips and tools so you never feel lost
  • Optional Photo of the day challenge
  • and more! 

What are the Requirements to Join The Challenge? 
A commitment. You have to be ready to commit to your health and fitness! I want you to see the best results possible, and I’m sure you want to see the same, so giving it 100% will help you do just that!
  1. Commit 100% to working out 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week
  2. Commit 100% to eating healthy whole foods
  3. Commit 100% to planning your successful fitness journey

*If you are currently a Beachbody coach, or working a MLM coaching business you may join this group with the understanding that all content, resources, and tools are the exclusive property of "To Insanity and Back" and I reserve all rights. 

How do I sign up?
Ready to ROCK your resolution in our launch group that kicks off January 1st 2016? Just complete the form below to register. Once registration is complete your name will automatically be added to our group list and our challenge newsletter. Register today to reserve your place!

Registration fee is non-refundable and covers group access, exclusive tools, and one on one support.

The FIRST newsletter will be going out 12/4/15
Don't forget to Join the EVENT....


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