MORE updates are in the works! It's been a CRAZY past few months with LOTS and lots of changes! The great thing about that is with change comes new opportunities, new beginnings, and the possibility of a grand new adventure. You're probably wondering what I'm over here jabbering about, so I'm just going to lay it out there!

Website OVERHAUL- 
Over the next month I will be making some serious updates and changes to my website, navigation, and content. I will be adding more HEALTHY recipes, fitness tips, and #MommyLIFE stuff! I am very passionate about what I do and sharing that with the world around me. It's not going to be about promoting products or selling anything. It's going to be more FOCUSED and the simple things you can do to create not only a better body, but also tips to create success in all the other areas of your life too! I am really excited about some of the projects I am working on so stay tuned for ALL the juicy details!

I was a Beachbody coach for 4 years, until November of 2015 when beachbody terminated my account and would not reinstate it. To make a LONG story short after 4 years somehow my social security number no longer matched the number the IRS has for me (I filed my taxes every year too and was sent my correct tax info). I woke up on November 3rd to find that my account was closed and all my coaches and customers were transferred to my upline coach. I called immediately and was told I received a notice to respond and failed to due so, which resulted in my account being terminated. I never received anything. A few days later I received a notice to fill out a form and it said I had until Jan. 1st 2016 to respond before my account was terminated. SO I called back and asked for my account to be restored and they said it couldn't be, but I could sign up as a coach again and start over from zero.

I chose to cut my ties with the "coaching opportunity" <---WHICH means I have lots of my own personal files I will be adding to Etsy to help all of you coaches better build your business!

Now, I'm not going to talk smack about the company. I LOVED (and still LOVE) the programs and products, just the coaching part of things is no longer for me! BUT, even with that being said I will still be offering "Coaching" on my own through small groups! Things with Beachobdy may have not worked for me... but NOW I have the opportunity and ability to work in my own way!!!

New Baby- 
January 5th at 6:25 am I gave birth to my THIRD child! A beautiful baby boy named Hunter William Morris and I couldn't be MORE in love! Check out my next post for more details on this little bundle of joy!

SO as you can see there HAS been LOTS going on!

Make sure you check back for all the new updates and content!!!!


  1. you are so inspirational for not giving up on things it actually keeps me going towards my goals as well. i really love your posts they are so full of life

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