THE REAL change is HERE

A year later (plus some, but who is counting) and the real change is finally here (I'm talking about my blog, not politics LOL)!
We are all guilty of that "when everything is perfect moment" you know the one.... it never happens. It doesn't matter if you call if "OCD", perfectionism, or a need to have all the stars aligned. It's a BAD habit and one I seem to be constantly fighting to change! It's really easy to think or plan the thing you want to do, it's that actual "doing" or "starting" that is the real struggle. 

Instead of planning all these great changes I am working on, I decided to just jump right in and start. It's a tad crazy and I'm a bit scared but hey... it's time to start moving forward to that next step. A few of the things you are going to notice is that I am changing the design of the site, adding new content, and ultimately we will be more of a MOMboss / Lifestyle / Planning site. 

Design and Style: 
We are going to go with a clean modern design and incorporate a wide range of high quality graphics and elements. 

We are going to keep food and fitness as part of our core content BUT I am also going to add posts on planning, lifestyle, and being a mom boss.  

IS all about running your health, home, family, or business like a boss. It's all bout taking control of your INSANITY, managing the chaos, and creating a routine that you can stick with!

Stay tuned for all the details during this transition! I hope you are ready to see what I have in store for you!


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  2. Really nice and good to hear about some good changes to your blog as it is what a reader wishes to see. Well I am keenly looking forward for the updates and hopefully they are good.

  3. I am so massively behind on this but I do promise a remodel is coming!

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