Chase The Fitness: Get The Workout Routine Back On Track Again With Some Easy To Do Tips

Chase The Fitness: Get The Workout Routine Back On Track Again With Some Easy To Do Tips

Time can get hectic and life can be all rushing by. This year so far has been the same, hectic, challenging, and borderline scary. All of this can overthrow one’s life and routine. Work, normal routines are all getting affected. But, one more thing that is getting affected is the fitness routine.

Before, people use to go out for jogs, hit the gym, and take some Zumba classes. But, all that has stalled recently, as there is limited exposure to the put side world for good. But, this is affecting one’s health and fitness.

One can feel a certain sense of lull, which can make one feel tired and lazy almost every other day. This makes home workout sessions even more difficult and rare as well. But, getting into the game and start working is important too; otherwise one might start compromising with their health and fitness.

Some of the ways that can bring one back on track with their fitness and workout routine are:

  1. Remember those goals

Well, before starting any fitness regime, people tend to have a certain goal in their minds. This goal can be anything from increasing core strength to, losing weight to increasing strength. So, now that one has had a long gap in their fitness routine, it is time to revisit and remember those goals back again.

Some may have to change their goals. For example, someone has gained weight and might want to reduce that first and then go into core again. As time has drastically in these last few months, the fitness goals have changed too.

Therefore, before starting the fitness routine and scheduling the workout time, try to decide what the goal of the routine is. This will make the process much easier to follow and less confusing.

  1. Take some time out

These days while one working from home, and also has household chores to handle. It can become chaotic and hassling to handle everything without actually having a good time division for anything. It’s like time management has gone out for a stroll and that too for a long one. But, now is the time to call it back. Get back to the time management zone, and take some time to work out every day.

Create a schedule, and don’t be restrictive. One can workout at any time of the day, therefore, one does not have to think of taking time out only in day or night. Prioritize, make time in the routine, and start small. Do not have to start a 90 minutes routine just yet. Instead, start a 20-minute routine and stick to it, and then gradually increase the time.

  1. Gather some equipment

Now, that one has had made up their mind to start working out again, but from home. One should find some equipment if possible. Yes, at home one may not have the same equipment as in the gym, but one does not need them completely. Therefore are many workout routines and schedules, which can be done using minimal equipment.

Also, create a space in the house. Having a proper space in the house which is only for working out, can help one in achieving a headspace. One will feel more positive, after they have set up a small workout area, and feel more motivated.

It does not have to be much. Exercise mat, a few dumbles, stretching band, skipping rope, a water bottle, and a good playlist, is all one need to start feeling like working out again.

  1. Smaller holistic steps

Now, simply starting to workout out of the blue will not do much good. Why? Well, because, one needs to take some small holistic steps towards zeal and that energy.  Working out takes a lot of motivation at times, and a big part is played by one mental health, overall physical health, and energy levels. If one is not feeling good, then there is no way they can feel like doing crunches.

Mend the sleeping schedule which is quite disturbed in this current situation. Eat healthily and practice good mental health practices. Having one’s mind clear and being happy, will make one feel more energetic and thus will help in pursuing a fitness routine. Also, include good food in the routine. Have lots of greens, protein, fruits, and water.

  1. Consistency is crucial

For having perfect fitness, one thing plays a most crucial role and that is; consistency. One needs to be consistent with their routine. It is very easy to get distracted and feel lazy three times a week. This can break the streak and one may find oneself back to square one. This will ruin the entire work and one will have to start from the top.

Therefore, one should follow a fitness routine with consistency. One needs to take smaller steps, and need to set goals that are smaller and achievable. Completing a smaller goal will help one to be motivated and that will give the energy to reach for the bigger fitness goals. Always remember, consistency leads to habits.

  1. Find a partner

Be it one’s spouse, sibling, or partner. They always say having a partner while working out, makes it more fun, and the chances of abandoning the routinely become minimum. Having someone by side helps one feel less lazy and can keep one more motivated.

Also, working out with someone will make the routine more fun, which will take the boredom away. After all, many find working out alone quite boring and dull. And boredom can lead to leaving the routine, and this can lead to the same old lazy lifestyle. Choose fun routines, and keep changing the routine often to make it more interesting.

People are currently facing one of the biggest struggles and challenges, and this is affecting their mental and physical well being. But, now is the time when one needs to actually take extra care of their well being, by eating well, sleeping well, laughing, and doing some exercise. One should take charge of their abandoned fitness regime and should adapt to the new normal of working out at home. Make some changes in the daily routine, get some supplies, get a workout partner, and get started. It is all about a little push and some perseverance, and one can get back in shape in no time.


Irma is a fitness coach and professional writer, her contents are well researched and well written. She has always contributed toward the fitness community.

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