Feeling Sluggish? 7 Ways to Combat Low-Energy

Feeling Sluggish? 7 Ways to Combat Low-Energy

Losing steam throughout the day is one of the biggest causes of a lack of motivation and disruptions to your overall sleep schedule, it is important that you get enough sleep each night and that you are maintaining a regular time where you go to sleep each day to ensure your body is energized. If you struggle with this do not worry as there are a number of things that you can do to perk you up and carry you through to the evening until you can rest and get back to sleep.  


Eating Healthy

You may not be aware but your overall health and diet have a huge effect on your quality of sleep. If you are not eating the right foods for your body and making regular healthy choices throughout the week your body may become used to high amounts of additives and sugar which can seriously hinder your sleep quality. If you want to ensure that your body is in the right condition to get a good night’s rest then I would highly recommend that you look at eating healthier natural foods.  



Sleep Tracker

A huge part of improving your sleep is monitoring it so that you are able to identify the problem and make changes to your lifestyle in accordance with your findings. It is extremely important that you look at how much sleep you are getting, the quality, and how many times you are waking up in the night. Once you have identified what is hindering your sleep quality you can change your environment to help stop this from happening, for example, if you are waking up frequently and disturbing your rest you may want to invest in extra soundproofing or a way to reduce light levels in your bedroom. 


Sleep Schedule

If you want to maximize your chances of getting a healthy amount of sleep each night you need to understand how important it is that you have a degree of regularity with the times you are going to sleep each night. Of course, it is understandable to slip up with this from time to time with late nights at work or late nights out celebrating but, if you disturb your sleep schedule you are going to put your body out of sync and reduce the overall quality of your sleep which will also affect your energy levels throughout the day.  



In times when you need a pick me up, I would say that a caffeinated beverage is allowed and safe for consumption as long as you are not using them frequently and becoming dependent on the boost they provide. Caffeine is not healthy and can be very addictive which is why it is vital that you don’t make a habit of using it to give you energy, the issue with most caffeine drinks is that they are also packed with sugar which is extremely calorific and unhealthy when consumed in large volumes.  




For those of you that are looking for a more permanent solution to your low energy levels, you may be interested in starting a supplement treatment that will provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need for a pick-me-up. The great thing about many energy-providing supplements is that they are completely natural so you don’t have to worry about taking something harmful. Another supplement treatment that can help with boosting energy as well as improving your overall health and encouraging gradual weight loss would be detox caps. When taken alongside an improved diet and exercise regime you will start to see the benefits including increased long-lasting energy levels to fuel you throughout the day.  



As mentioned previously your overall health and fitness have a direct correlation with your quality of sleep and ability to maintain your energy through the busy workday, completing a workout or exercise session releases endorphins giving you an extra kick of energy. Exercising the body also helps reduce sleepiness which is why it is so great to do your workouts early in the morning when you wake up as they set you up with all that you need for the rest of the day.  



The final solution on this list may be one you have more experience with however, you may be surprised to know that the recommended time and length of your naps are quite different from what you have done previously. For a quick boost of energy to see you through you should take an afternoon nap between 1 pm and 3 pm for no longer than half an hour, this is all you need for a quick rest when you start to feel sluggish. Napping for longer can seriously hinder your quality of sleep and the time you go to sleep at night so try to avoid any longer.  


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