Why The State of Your Teeth is Directly Linked to Your Overall Health

Why The State of Your Teeth is Directly Linked to Your Overall Health

Our bodies are an undeniable miracle of evolution. A biological system working in perfect harmony with itself to create a super-intelligent form of life. But it is quite a fragile thing as well. Our constant survival is thanks to the massive strides we have made in the field of medicine.

It Can be difficult to keep track of our physical health. We can easily mistake one feeling for another. We get angry if we haven’t eaten. We can’t sleep without eating enough in a day. We can’t function without sleep. It is a constant careful balancing act.


Making Life Easier

Thanks to modern technology it is a lot easier for us to monitor what is happening inside us. And we can easily view our outside. But we can’t all always go to the hospital to check our general health. This is why our bodies come with a signaling mechanism. And that is your teeth.


Teeth as a Signal

You might be wondering how your teeth can tell you anything other than the state of themselves. But in reality, our teeth can be great early warning signals of a needed behavior change or a serious medical condition.

The first, and the most obvious way they do this, is visual. If your teeth are physically changing then it might be time to get checked. Of course, if you have noticed damage to your teeth you will want to get that checked out and sorted. When I chipped my tooth last week I wanted to find out who the best dentist in Mandurah was, naturally. A good dentist can also act as a diagnostician for your teeth and overall health.


The Signs

The first sign they will look for is discoloration. This is a great early warning sign that there is something in your life that needs to change. For example, things like coffee can stain your teeth. This often means you need to reduce your coffee intake. The same happens with nicotine and cigarettes. They can turn your teeth yellow. This can help doctors identify if they need to screen you for any smoking-related illnesses.

The smell and state of your gums can be an indicator of large bacterial or fungal issues. If bacteria has gotten into your gums and infected them, chances are some other part of your body will also be infected. So it is also worth getting your gums fully checked while you are at the dentist.

Your teeth can also act as an indicator of mental health issues as well. Studies have proven that mental health issues such as anxiety, OCD, and depression can cause people to neglect their personal hygiene. This includes dental health. So when a dentist does a check over they have become quite adept at spotting the tell-tale signs of someone who has been neglecting their teeth due to negligence, and someone who is neglecting them for other reasons.


Keeping Healthy

The big takeaway from this article should be that your teeth are a fantastic tool. They are more than just our evolutionary tool for eating. Our bodies are beyond brilliant. So it is no wonder our teeth are so fantastically versatile.

Keeping good oral and dental hygiene has been proven to naturally make you more confident and outgoing, while also giving you a bit more energy each day. The freshness of a cleaned mouth stimulates the sinuses and allows for a great intake of oxygen. Meaning you can always start the day feeling great.


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