Women’s Health: All the Jabs You need to Get

Women’s Health: All the Jabs You need to Get

Now more than ever women should be taking care of themselves in the best way possible by making sure they have had all of the necessary Jabs to protect them from numerous conditions that could be prevented. It should be part of your yearly routine to check your medical records to see if any of your Jabs are due for renewal, sometimes you will need to visit your local GP for a top-up of vaccine antibodies that run out after a few years of injection. Getting an injection can be daunting especially if you are someone who has a fear of needles, but if you want to avoid developing a life-changing condition that could have been prevented by a small injection then I urge you to be brave and keep track of any vaccinations that are available to you.

Thanks to the amazing developments in medical technology that we now have available to us, we have seen a significant increase in the number of vaccines that have become available to us. It is truly amazing that we now have protection from some deadly and life-changing conditions that have affected many families all over the world. As a woman, there are certain conditions that only you will experience so you should be taking every vaccination opportunity you can in order to make sure that you have a long and happy life.


Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The HPV jab is a strong preventative measure against cervical cancers, it is thought that most forms of cervical cancer come from the human Papillomavirus so you would be decreasing your chances of getting this dreadful condition significantly.


Influenza Vaccine

The Influenza Vaccine provides protection from what is more commonly known as the flu, you should get your flu jab on a yearly basis well in advance of the winter season. In the colder months there will be more and more people who get ill and are spreading flu germs, so why not protect yourself and give yourself one less thing to worry about this winter and get the jab.



The next jab you should xo aider getting would have to be the Varicella vaccine, you will be required to go in for two doses of this treatment if you want it to work properly. This vaccine however is for those of you who have not suffered from Varicella before which is otherwise known as chickenpox. If you have never had chickenpox before then you should seek medical advice as it can be very severe in adults and in your late teens. This treatment is a pretty recent development and is one of the first to show off the advantages of microcannula compared with sharp tip needles for a practically painless jab.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

This final jab is essential if you wish to prevent the development of any of the above conditions, they are all very serious so the fact that they can be prevented with a jab should be a no-brainer, however it is important to remember that this jab must be topped up every three to four years following the advice of your GP.


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